Designed specifically for individuals who have committed their lives to delivering exceptional healthcare while in the position of physician, Acadia Physician Recruitment Services offers a variety of resources to psychiatrists, medical doctors, and other physicians who are specialized in treating mental health concerns, behavioral health issues, and chemical dependency problems.

Acadia Physician Recruitment Services maintains active listings of the current employment opportunities available at Acadia Healthcare treatment centers all across the United States. Each center promotes integrity, diversity, the benefits of support, and family values, and aims to offer a work environment that is not only pleasant, but also encourages personal and professional growth. By instilling these values and concepts within the culture at each Acadia Treatment center, it is widely believed that the result will be clinical and medical teams that are comprised of individuals who are highly skilled, enthusiastic to deliver extraordinary care, and committed to helping members of their respective communities in truly impactful and positive ways.


Among the types of positions that may be available, the following are those that psychiatrists and other types of physicians can inquire about and apply to if interested:

  • Child psychiatrists
  • Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Adult psychiatrists
  • Psychiatrists specialized in geriatric care
  • Psychiatrists specialized in treating addiction and/or chemical dependency
  • General practice physicians
  • Internists
  • Physicians who are specialized in treating dual diagnosis and/or medical conditions that occur alongside psychiatric or chemical dependency concerns

From acute treatment through long-term residential care, the treatment centers within the Acadia Healthcare network provide an array of care levels that can be easily accessed by individuals of all ages and their loved ones. At each treatment center, dynamic, compassionate, and dedicated clinical and medical staff supply treatment that caters to the needs of men, women, and young people alike who are in need of exemplary care to overcome a myriad of concerns.

Additionally, each treatment center upholds the overarching Acadia mission to deliver world class care in a manner that is sensitive, effective, and committed to helping individuals achieve to their highest potential. As a means of fulfilling this mission, the inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment centers within the Acadia Healthcare network strive to employ men and women who also ascribed to this objective of offering clinically excellent treatment to all who entrust an Acadia treatment center with their care. Furthermore, in choosing to become part of an Acadia treatment center team, it is to be expected that one will become part of a collective group of individuals who want nothing more than to see people thrive, reach their treatment goals, and go on to live healthier and more productive lives.

Becoming a physician means far more than completing medical school and writing prescriptions for medications. Being a physician, regardless if one is a psychiatrist or medical doctor, signifies that one is able to bring healing and relief to those who are experiencing emotional and/or physical anguish so as to preserve and protect the wellbeing of those in need. And at Acadia Healthcare, the important role that physicians play is both recognized and revered within every program in existence. The physicians who provide treatment at Acadia Healthcare treatment centers serve as the framework for the top notch care that is offered and available to individuals all over the world.

In choosing to become a member of the Acadia Healthcare family, you will be joining other individuals who are at the forefront of behavioral healthcare, committed to improving people’s lives, and setting the standard of what it means of provide clinically excellent treatment.