Nursing Manager - Adolescent Behavioral Health in Detroit, MI at Acadia Healthcare

Date Posted: 9/13/2018

Job Snapshot

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    Detroit, MI
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    Not Specified
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Job Description

    1. Responsible for passing and documentation of all medications, in accordance to DBI- Capstone Academy’s Medication Dispensing Procedure and Policy.
    2. Closely monitor all youth with special medical conditions.
    3. Work closely with the pharmacy to ensure that all medications are received in a timely manner.
    4. Work with the therapists to get all medical/medication consents signed by parent/guardians in a timely manner.
    5. Schedule all doctor, vision, immunization, specialty, physical therapy, surgical, tests and appointments.
    6. Assist all physicians when they are in the building- including the psychiatrist, medical doctor, dentist, podiatrist and gynecologist. Follow up on all orders by doctors.
    7. Follow up on all lab and test results. Notify the doctor, document in the resident’s chart, notify the therapist and/or parent/guardian if appropriate.
          1. Attend multi-disciplinary meetings for all new residents. Responsible for explaining the benefits and risks for medications to all who are present.
          2. Maintain medical records for each youth.
          3. Complete a Nursing Assessment within 7 business days of admission for each new resident.
          4. Complete an Admission and Discharge Body Audit Scan and complete the Body Audit form.
          5. Assess the status of residents’ during the following situations and provide appropriate first aid, medical interventions and complete a Body Audit form:
            1. Physical restraints
            2. Physical injuries
            3. Suicide attempts
            4. Self-harming behaviors (cutting, hitting head on the wall, etc.)
            5. Medical emergencies (seizures, sports injuries, etc.), including those requiring a visit to the emergency room or hospital. Contact the CMO/DHS and parent/guardian for all medical emergencies. Complete an Incident Report for all medical emergencies.
          6. Complete a pre-natal assessment on all expectant mothers. Monitor all identified problems, schedule all pre-natal appointments, do teachings on each phase of pregnancy and tests that will be performed on the resident. If appropriate, provide teaching and recourse material to parents/guardian/staff.
          7. Assess status of employee medical emergencies that occurs while on duty and provide the appropriate first-aid and/or send them out for emergency treatment at the authorized agency. This is done while following protocol set forth by Human Resources. Monitor all follow-up appointments and forward all resulting paperwork to Human Resources. Forward any restrictions to Human Resources and the Program Director.
          8. Ensure that all medical information is entered on JAIS/JJOLT for all residents, including medication, medication changes and medical issues.
          9. Upon admission, obtain resident’s immunizations. Make appointment for residents to obtain required shots and note all information in the resident’s chart.
          10. Keep track of all psychiatric evaluations, updated psychiatric evaluations and medication reviews.
          11. Ensure that all youth are having their appropriate appointments with the psychiatrist and that the CMO/DHS/therapist are receiving the appropriate information.
          12. Monitor resident’s weight and document in their chart, depending on the resident’s medication that they are taking.