Licensed Practical Nurse in Williamsburg, PA at Acadia Healthcare

Date Posted: 9/3/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  1. Obtains a complete initial assessment including medical, psychiatric and chemical dependency history
  2. Assesses & evaluates medical & psychiatric problems & reports to the RN and Physician to initiate interventions
  3. Maintains positive interpersonal and relationships with all staff
  4. Confers with other departments regarding patient care on an as needed basis
  5. Accurately follows thru on physician orders, administering medications & treatments & scheduling outside appointments
  6. Assists in formulation of ITP & MTP, including assessments, writing care plans, updates of care plans & discharge plans
  7. Assists in the identication of medical, emotional, and envirornmental needs of the patient
  8. Assists in Scheduling, preparation & doucmentation required for newly hired staff for physicals, PPD's Hep B Vaccines
  9. Assists in scheduling, preparation & doucumentation of PPD's & Chest x-rays for staff
  10. Provides health teaching to staff & patients including infection control
  11. Adheres to patient as outlined in the policies and procedures
  12. Assists in maintaining inventory supplies & equipment.  Assists in ordering of medications from pharmacy
  13. Participates in ongoing in-service education programs & attends mandatory in-service education as scheduled
  14. Follows the direction of the RN in charge of the respective shift & keeps him/her informed of all pertinent information
  15. Responsible for accurate signing out of all medications and money
  16. Assists in nutritional screening, interventions with dietician, physician & dietary dept. ensuring patient dietary needs are met
  17. Assists in searching patients and their belongings, confiscating all contraband and inappropriate items
  18. Assists in the gathering of data for Quality Assurance
  19. Initiates immediate response to fire alarm as well as other emergency situations at the facility in accordance with the policy & procedure manual
  20. Responsible for accurate documentation on patient charts
  21. Accurately documents unusual events of patients, staff, and visitors by utilizing Incident Reports
  22. Assists in finding replacement nursing staff in the event of call offs
  23. Assists labatory personnel with laboratory slips and the flow of patients to that area for venipuncture
  24. Completes diagnostics such as PFTs, PPDs and the collection of urine, sputum and other specimens
  25. Assists in filing documents in patient medical charts that requires photocopying as necessary
  26. Assists in discharge of patients i.e. discharge status form, discharge instructions, prescriptions, returning confinscated     belongings and valuables to patient
  27. Assists in the closure of patient records, which indludes the completion of deficiencies
  28. Answers the phone, takes screening calls, assists with paperwork such as consents, transportation, treatment request,    scheduling of consults and appointments
  29. Performs all other duties as assigned