Licensed Physician in Cedar Rapids, IA at Acadia Healthcare

Date Posted: 12/1/2019

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Job Description



Licensed Physician Needed for Opioid Treatment Center - Part Time

Opportunity Details:

  • Outpatient
  • Adults 18+
  • Medication Assisted Treatment: Methadone & Suboxone
  • No call requirement


  • IA Medical Licensure
  • DEA-X wavier or ability to obtain one
  • Addiction experience preferred

Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Treatment Center

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Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Treatment Center utilizes methadone and Subutex as part of their medication assisted treatment program to treat opioid addiction. This center is primarily focused on treating those who grapple with heroin, prescription pain medication, and morphine addictions. Our staff is comprised of nurses, counselors, and doctors who work hand-in-hand with patients. This partnership includes the administration and prescription of medications such as Subutex and methadone to help patients overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings. In addition, Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Treatment Center supplies group and individual therapy.


Location of facility:  Cedar Rapids, IA

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